About Us

Controlr is a Data union which helps people to monetise the data they generate online. The prototype will focus on monetising social media data. The product is a mobile app and will attach the Controlr end user app to an existing third- party marketplace which will package the aggregated data for sale. 
The decentralised data union will have a focus on marginalised people to include those who are usually the last to be thought of in the creation and development of new tech products. 
The third-party marketplace is a blockchain powered network. The ethics of decentralisation will carry over into governance by adopting a cooperative structure and utilising a governance token for voting and decision making.
We know there is an audience for this type of product as preliminary research via distributed survey and a selected focus group provided conclusive results. Our own primary market research showed that over 75% of respondents were either positive or open to trying a new product to monetize their data. The delivery of the prototype will further prove products like these are wanted and can gain traction.
Wider research from other decentralized marketplaces yielded similar results and are evident of a trend towards users adopting products with greater social awareness; demonstrating a desire for a company to align with the user’s values whilst they engage with products that offer value. 
We are also adopting an inclusive design structure which means paying particular attention to accessibility. Employing a leading inclusion and diversity consultant with a track record in delivering organizational change will greatly enhance our understanding and implementation of strategies to gain a wider participation of marginalized communities.
One of our principal target audiences are those who traditionally are not part of tech conversations and environments. We are aware of growing social and racial inequalities, partly based on unequal access to technology. We support the democratization of tech, contributing to further developments in tech for BAME citizens and supporting initiatives to address racial justice in AI. We believe that positive and comprehensive change is only possible through the inclusion of diverse voices
Within this context, enhancing the capacity to make the most of digital technologies through knowledge sharing and financing mechanisms that support inclusive and non-discriminatory digital development will ensure that marginalized communities are at the forefront of digital innovation and that their rights are protected. Improving access to technology and facilitating equitable futures for all is paramount. 
The Controlr project is created and led by Mercury Award winning artist Tracey Bowen aka Onallee. Tracey is also currently a Data Research Fellow at the South West Creative Technology Network; Mozilla Creative Awardee and a Radical Xchange Fellow.